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конные туры 2021 года! 

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Welcome to the site of the horse-riding tourism сentre “Grand Elbrus”!

Based on the private farm, the horse-riding tourism centre “Grand Elbrus” has been operating since 2005. Our centre is situated in a picturesque and ecologicaly clean Russian region – The city of Karachaevsk, The Karachay-Cherkess Republic in the North Caucasus.

The main goal of “Grand Elbrus” is organizing and development of the North Caucasus horse-riding tourism.
Horse-riding tourism centre “Grand Elbrus” offers a wide range of services for individual and group horse-riding trips to the precious natural sites of North Caucasus.

We have been organizing individual and group horse-riding tours to the Elbrus mountain foot (as well as to the mineral springs – narzans), Daut National Park, and also one-day equestrian routes to the showplaces of the Karachaevsk outskirts. 

Our horse-riding tours are available for people with different experience levels of horse-riding. We are focused on people who like horse-riding, the nature of North Caucasus, and value Karachay horse breed.

Please, pay your attention!

Our horse-riding tours include taking cargo, so that means that all your goods and belongings, including  sleeping bags, tents, food and group outfit  will be transferred by an off-highway vehicle. You are supposed to solely enjoy riding  pure breed Karachay horses!

Horse-riding tours:

We’ll be happy to see you. Alibek and Ludmila Ortabaevs.

Contacts: Russia, North Caucasus, Karachay-Cherkess republic, Karachaevsk, +7(918) 717-02-55, grandelbrus@yandex.ru